The Reputation Group, LLC (TRG) is the leading expert in removal of negative satisfaction-grantycontent online. We have a history of providing the most cost-effective online reputation solutions in the industry and utilizing the most advanced protocol with amazing results.

Our mission is the same as yours – to fix your problems quickly in the most cost-effective way possible. We offer practical flat fee pricing with no payment until work is completed. Cost is based upon the specifications and scope of the project; therefore our services do not have a predefined fee structure. Depending upon a client’s requirements, our estimates and service fees hinge on the complexity of the project, location of the negative content, platform, geographic constraints, and past history, among other factors.

Before we start any campaign we analyze all sources of negative and unwanted content you need removed. We offer complete removal of negative and unwanted content from Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. We guarantee to have each universal resource locator (URL) removed or de-indexed from the requested websites listed in the campaign. URLs are usually removed within three to six months. Please bear in mind, that it can take Google, Bing and Yahoo anywhere from 48 hours to a few weeks or more to recognize the URL as dead, and remove it from their search results.

Our service only removes existing URLs, we cannot prevent future URLs nor do we offer removal of items currently not existing on the Internet. Our removals are more than 91% successful. However, if the removal is unsuccessful, this is a risk-free process and you have paid nothing.


✔ Fast, affordable and reliable service – guaranteed

✔ We offer a clean and transparent process

✔ Complete removal of URLs; not link suppression

✔ No hidden fees

✔ Removal from review sites

Why Choose

  1. The leading expert in removal of negative content online
  2. We bring incredible results no other company can accomplish
  3. Complete removal of URLs; NOT link suppression
  4. No hidden fees
  5. We charge a fixed price per item regardless of how much work is required
  6. We offer the best price in the industry
  7. 100% satisfied customers
  8. Top ROI for online reputation services

Please contact us for a quick consultation and free analysis on your situation. This can typically be completed in less than 15 minutes.

What are your other options besides TRG?


ORM/SEO Online Reputation Management Firms


Monthly Pricing

Almost all online reputation management companies sell clients on “suppression” which can be a long expensive process, with an uncertain outcome of someone possibly finding the negative content on page two or three, or Google changing its algorithm and the content resurfacing high in the search rankings.

An effective ORM/SEO campaign from a competent reputation management firm working for a top brand costs anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 and up depending upon the project, plus a monthly maintenance charge. Visible results often take at least three to six months.

Most online reputation management (ORM) firms use SEO techniques to push the negative pages lower in the rankings where they hope people will not look when performing a search; however, the negative material is still online and therefore is findable. ORM firms then charge a recurring monthly fee since the still-existing data needs to continuously be pushed down. These monthly charges range from $2,200 to $20,000 a month just for an individual online reputation cleanup.

ORM firms have no incentive to fix the problem. The longer the problem persists, the more money the client pays, and the more money the firm earns. The client’s goals and the ORM firm’s goals are not in alignment; the client wants a speedy and thorough fix, but the ORM firm wants continuous monthly revenue. Many individuals and companies fall into this trap set up by these firms – they offer monthly pricing to hook you and then do just enough work each month to keep you coming back.

Google, Yahoo and Bing don’t necessarily want people to be able to suppress or control content, so the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms based on current news, social media and a number of other factors. What may have worked for three to six months often reappears again in the top search results.

Digital Media Law

Most Internet defamation attorneys or law firms burn a hole in your pocket and can only offer a prolonged process, while not guaranteeing or even assuring results. Digital media law is vastly unexplored territory and involves patiently waiting for legal proceedings, obtaining a court order, then presenting it to the search engine – all of which can take up to a year. Precedence is still being set and legal arguments are in their infancy. It is a new ballgame, and traditional law firms just don’t cut it.

Payment Options

All transactions are processed through third party secure payment gateway servers which are PCI DSS-II compliant, thus providing the highest level of security while processing your payments. We have several options available to our clients for payment of their fees. We make it easier than ever to make a payment to us by providing you with a variety of options. We offer the following payment options:



PayPal is the fast and safe way to send money. PayPal will invoice you and you can pay the amount with Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express.


Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer

We accept any foreign currencies from bank-to-bank worldwide. We work with clients around the world who prefer wire or bank-to-bank transfer.

Wire Transfer/Money Order




Please contact us to pay via cash, money orders, certified checks or wire transfer.