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We offer complete and comprehensive campaigns that provide our individual clients with unique, proprietary methods and individualized internet content removal solutions, to delete and/or de-index their negative content links. At the start of any campaign we analyze all sources of negative and unwanted content and remove all items. We bring results to even the most difficult cases. For those items we cannot delete, we work with Google, Bing and Yahoo to de-index the link removing it from search results, rendering a link unsearchable with perpetual results. A quick consultation and free analysis on your situation can typically be completed in less than 15 minutes.



Your Online Individual Reputation

reputationbannerWhen you meet someone in a business meeting, at work, at a restaurant or in any setting today; what do they do when they get home? They Google your name. They are looking for information on you and will use this to form a complete opinion about you. If the information they find on you is negative (whether it is true or not) it is an instant red flag and the worst part is, they may never even give you the chance to explain yourself, they will just cease contact with you. You don’t need to be a criminal or a bad person to have just one negative item on Google result that can send your finances, friends, relationships, or career into a tailspin. The internet has taken the concept of airing your dirty laundry to an entirely new level. Thanks to social media tools, one seemingly innocent piece of information can be spread across the internet in no time at all. The internet is mostly unmoderated and unregulated. Under the guise of an opinion, anyone can publish content without any accountability, damaging someone’s reputation. A bad online reputation can not only hurt your personal life, but can cost you financially in your career or business. If you find negative items about yourself online, you need to take proactive steps to have it removed as soon as possible.

Areas in your life a bad personal reputation can hurt and haunt you:

  • Jobs/Employment/Career
  • Dating/Marriage
  • Legal/Divorce
  • Friends/Neighbors/Church/Community
  • School/College

1. Prospective employers (70%)

Prospective employers often do personality profile searches, and will look for poor spelling, offensive content, and inappropriate pictures. You may be passed over for a job opportunity before you even have an interview. Among U.S. recruiters, 70% have rejected candidates based on their online reputation and yet only 7% of Americans believe that their online reputation can affect their job search, according to a 2010 study by Microsoft and Cross-Tab Market Research. A potential customer who searches for your business online is a lot like a recruiter trying to find the best company for the job.

2. Doing something that results in bad press (41%)

Getting bad press is an easy way to ruin your Google, Bing or Yahoo results and you do not have to be a celebrity or public figure to find yourself in a situation that could have damaging effects on your career. It seems as though each week there is a new story in the press about someone losing their job as a result of something they posted to a social media site or thought they shared in confidence.

3. Information about an arrest (19%)

Obviously, a mug shot or police blotter about your arrest can ruin your Google, Bing or Yahoo results. You don’t need to be a hardened criminal to have results like this haunt you though. Perhaps you were arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong time (like being at party where a fight breaks out) or arrested for a crime but cleared of the charges and quickly let go. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your arrest either. You may be involved with an investigation with which you would rather not be associated. The news about the arrest/situation could linger in your Google, Bing or Yahoo results for months, or even years.

4. Unhappy Customers or False Reviews (18%)

Reviews of businesses and companies can provide consumers valuable information. That said, it takes one customer writing a bad review to completely ruin your results (whether the review is true or false). While some sites are legitimate places for consumers to post reviews about their experience, several sites that are anonymous forums for people to post slanderous reviews. These sites then charge victims of false reviews to have the slanderous posts and comments removed. Your information showing up on one of these sites can prove to be a nightmare.

5. Slanderous Posts on a Blog Site (10%)

Unfortunately, the web is full of anonymous sites where anyone can post whatever they want about someone, whether it is true or not. One disgruntled employee or angry colleague who was passed over for the promotion you just got or simply a former business associate can sound off on a forum or comment section and dramatically impact your Google, Bing or Yahoo results (and your reputation for anyone looking you up).

6. Ex-GF/BF Backlash – Rants & Revenge Porn (10%)

Breakups are hard enough. An angry ex anonymously posting pictures to revenge porn sites or talking trash about you on sites such as can put the dirty fallout of your breakup at the top of your Google, Bing or Yahoo results. This could affect not only your career, but your personal life and relationships as well. There has been a recent rise in the popularity of revenge porn sites.

Image Removal

image-removal Not just webpages, but images that are embarrassing and damaging to your reputation may find their way to top position on Google, Bing and Yahoo searches. Any person searching for you on Google, Bing or Yahoo will be able to view those images on top of the search results.

Perhaps you were falsely accused of a crime, were arrested and had your mug shot taken. Even though you may have later been acquitted, your mug shot might still appear on the internet, along with a description of your alleged crime. People searching for information about you may walk away with the impression that you’ve done something you have not.

Google’s, Bing’s and Yahoo’s algorithms are different in listing images, than they are on indexing regular content. One has to ‘see’ the image to know how damaging it is. No amount of suppression technique can ‘push’ down these negative results, and Google’s, Bing’s and Yahoo’s own policies suggest you take this to the webmaster directly and they want no part in the dispute.

We get to the source of the problem, and work towards our objective of removing the image(s) permanently using our resources and technology.

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