What does The Reputation Group do?

In short, our services clean up your online reputation by removing all negative content.  We make the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results of your name, brand, and reputation impeccable.

What is the cost?

Our mission is the same as yours – to fix your problems quickly in the most cost-effective way possible.  We offer practical flat fee pricing with no payment until work is completed.  Cost is based upon the specifications and scope of the project; therefore our services do not have a predefined fee structure.  Depending upon a client’s requirements, our estimates and service fees hinge on the complexity of the project, location of the negative content, platform, geographic constraints, and past history, among other factors.


✔  Fast, affordable and reliable service – guaranteed

✔ We offer a clean and transparent process

✔  Complete removal of URLs; not link suppression

✔  No hidden fees

✔  Removal from review sites

Are there ongoing fees?

Most of our solutions are offered as a flat fee and a one-time campaign. Many individuals only need the one-time campaign and do not need further services to fix their online reputation.

A majority of the businesses we service also fall into a one-time campaign to completely clean up and fix their online negative content and reputation.

Some of our prominent and high profile individuals and larger companies have ongoing negative issues, and/or customer complaints. In these cases, we offer month-to-month solutions after the initial campaign.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes.  In some cases we offer monthly payments on our fees, even if we complete the campaign and remove all negative online content before the first month.

How long does it take to see results and how long does a campaign last?

At the start of any campaign we analyze all sources of negative and unwanted content, and remove all items.  In some cases we have deleted links within 72 hours.  The majority of our initial campaigns to remove all negative content on Google, Bing, and Yahoo take three to six months.

We provide a timeframe with your quote.

What is your guarantee?

We bring results to even the most difficult cases. Our legal team and technical specialists work collectively to provide our clients with in-depth knowledge of policies, digital media laws, jurisdiction, and the ability to understand when and what methods to use in each circumstance.

Our removals are more than 91% successful.  However, if the removal is unsuccessful, this is a risk-free process and you have paid nothing.

Are your methods legal?

Yes, 100% legal. Our business methods incorporate the highest of ethical standards. Our legal team and technical specialists work collectively to provide our clients with in-depth knowledge of internet policies, digital media laws, jurisdiction, and the ability to understand when and what methods to use in each circumstance.

We bring results to even the most difficult cases. There are cases which require the need of digital media legal strategies to get negative content removed, including, but not limited to, using cease-and-desist letters, a court order alleging defamation, copyright or intellectual property infringement, HIPAA violations, and/or the CDA Act.

With digital media law, most internet defamation attorneys or law firms would burn a hole in your pocket, while not guaranteeing or even assuring results. Digital media law is vastly unexplored territory. Precedence is still being set and legal arguments are in their infancy. It’s a new ballgame, and traditional law firms just don’t cut it. It could take six months to a year to even realize success in their lawsuit.

Do we have to enter into a long contract?

No, we do not lock you into any long-term contract.

What type of discretion and confidentiality will my company have?

Due to the sensitive nature of the information presented, all work is carried out confidentially and requires a nondisclosure agreement.

From which websites can you remove negative content?
We have successfully deleted or de-indexed negative content from virtually all over the internet. We bring results to the most difficult cases. Our negative content removals are more than 91% successful. We have successfully removed negative content from these types of websites: ✔ Complaints and Reviews ✔ Search Engine Results ✔ Public Information ✔ Newspaper Articles ✔ Press Release Articles ✔ Online Public Records ✔ Consumer Advocacy ✔ Complaint Websites ✔ Court Cases ✔ Litigation ✔ Mug Shots ✔ Arrest Records ✔ Social Networks ✔ Google Cache ✔ Google+ Page and Reviews ✔ Videos ✔ Images
When you say that you “remove negative content” do you mean that you push the negative content down the search engines?

No.  We believe that hiding negative content or complaints is often a waste of money and time.  For those items we cannot delete, we work with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL to de-index the link removing it from search results, rendering a link unsearchable with perpetual results.

What does “de-index” mean?
Google, Bing and Yahoo simply index the world’s information. After the URL is deleted or removed by the publisher Google, Bing or Yahoo they will stop indexing the information from their search engine within or about 30 days. The removed URL will stay deleted and gone forever, not to mention from other search engines as well.

For the content we cannot delete, we work with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL to de-index the link, thus removing it from search results and rendering a link unsearchable with perpetual results.

When we de-index the link we remove it completely from search results, which means the negative content no longer appears on search engines. The content is not on page 1, 3, 10 – not even on page 99. Even if you copied and pasted the link of the content into a search engine, it would not show up anywhere.

Can you delete images also?

Yes, not just web pages, but images that are embarrassing and damaging to your reputation may find their way to top position on Google, Bing and Yahoo searches. Any person searching for you on Google, Bing or Yahoo will be able to view those images on top of the search results.

Google’s, Bing’s and Yahoo’s algorithms are different in listing images, than they are on indexing regular content. One has to ‘see’ the image to know how damaging it is. No amount of suppression technique can ‘push’ down these negative results, and Google’s, Bing’s and Yahoo’s policies suggest you take this to the webmaster directly and all companies want no part in the dispute.

We get to the source of the problem, and work towards our objective of removing the image(s) permanently using our resources and technology.

If you have any questions still unanswered by our FAQs, please visit our Contact Us page.