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In Today’s Digital Era, Your Online Reputation Is Your Reputation

You can’t always control what’s said about you on the internet, but you can manage what comes up in a search over the internet.

Negative media coverage has always posed a challenge for businesses and professionals. Given the current internet landscape and the ability of articles to spread quickly through social media, businesses must be especially active in trying to deal with bad publicity. Company reputations today are largely dictated by what is posted on the internet, both about the companies and their executives. A defamatory news article can be readily available online for years and rank highly on search engines.


Gone are the days where reputation was based on building up and maintaining goodwill with consumers over time. A reputation built up over decades can be challenged in an instant over the internet and social media. Fortunately, businesses, professionals, and other parties harmed by such negative digital media coverage are not without options for handling these matters.

The Reputation Group (TRG) consists of the leading experts in the removal of negative and unwarranted content online. We help people and companies who have been victims of misleading articles, disproven allegations, and false and malicious claims.

TRG delivers a superior and much more effective way to remove negative content online other than trying to push down the negative search results. TRG is very unique in the online reputation repair industry in that we do not use SEO techniques nor do we use link suppression to push down negative content. TRG offers complete content removal; we successfully remove Ripoff Report, misleading articles, false and malicious reviews and more. Our methods include, but are not limited to, a unique digital forensic approach and/or a digital media legal approach.

Not only is TRG recognized as a leading global online reputation firm. We are the industry’s fastest reputation services using proven unique, proprietary methods with in-depth knowledge of internet policies, digital media laws, jurisdiction and the ability to understand when and what methods to use in each circumstance. We are passionate about protecting and restoring our clients’ names, brands, and reputations. TRG helps a wide diversity of corporate entities and professionals by offering permanent solutions for online crisis management situations. TRG specializes in targeting and removing negative content online, which helps our clients manage the search results for both businesses and individuals, while protecting their online reputation. This is the most effective way to control what people see when they search you over the internet.

Our clients include Fortune 1000 companies and celebrities; they rely upon us to provide our service all while maintaining our ironclad confidentiality. These clients include top public relations firms, high net worth individuals, physicians, CEOs, travel and hospitality companies, talent agencies, gaming establishments, SEO firms, marketing companies, law firms, media companies, corporate finance, healthcare providers, top brand product manufacturers, retailers, and service providers across the world who have retained our services, both publicly traded and highly visible privately held companies. Even top reputation management companies outsource their internet content removals to us. We have over a decade of experience helping high-power corporate companies, individuals and entertainment clients around the world.

TRG’s legal team and technical specialists work collectively to provide our clients with unique, proprietary methods and individualized internet content removal solutions to delete and/or de-index their negative links. For those items we cannot delete, we work with Google, Bing and Yahoo to de-index the link, effectively removing it from search results, rendering a link unsearchable with perpetual results. Request For Free Review Now >>


We have worked closely with for more than two years. During this time they have provided us with exceptional service concerning negative content removal services and we feel they provide the industry’s fastest reputation services.

Their work helps us manage product placement, build brand awareness and develop social media marketing for our clients. TRG’s hard work and invaluable insight has greatly contributed to the steady growth of our company and we look forward to working with TRG in the years ahead.

New York/Los Angles, Public Relations Industry

I was falsely charged with insider trading and later vindicated in federal court, but when you Googled my name or company all that would come up were articles on my arrest for insider trading.  I hired attorneys to mitigate the damage done to my name and company.  My attorneys sent cease-and-desist letters, and filed lawsuits alleging defamation, false and misleading accusations, out-of-date information, and copyright infringement to no prevail.  It ended up being just a waste of my valuable time and money.  Almost a year later I was referred to and they were a godsend.  They were able to remove and delete every article and/or each incident of negative content on the Internet that arose from this nightmare.  Now if you Google my name or company, only positive content that has been earned over the years comes up on all search engines.

I was also impressed that TRG only charges a one-time flat fee and they are fair enough that they charged half their fee upfront and the other half when the job was done.  I recommend TRG and their services to all!

New York, Financial Industry

We have been with for three years now.  We had previously been down the road of SEO suppression and paid high monthly maintenance costs.

We were glad to be referred to TRG.  TRG did an incredible job improving our online reputation by removing all negative content about our resort.  This included deleting search results, blogs, and complaint and review sites.

TRG offers the most cost-effective and comprehensive online solutions in the industry.  We could not be happier with TRG helping us maintain our online reputation and keeping our search results and travel review sites positive.

We recommend TRG’s services to anyone requiring deletion of negative reviews or content.

Hawaii, Hospitality Industry

My agency referred me to TRG.  Thank you TRG for your discretion and confidentiality!

I had a major online problem with the potential to severely damage my reputation and career.  In only 65 days, TRG completely removed the 11 Google search engine results and all social media posts that could have negatively impacted my name.  Thank you for being there for me when I needed you.

Los Angeles, Entertainment Industry

Our company had some negative press from a lawsuit more than three years ago. We originally hired a company that used SEO techniques to suppress the negative content, not only was it very costly to maintain, but the negative press always came back to the front page of Google’s search engine. After being referred to TRG we were delighted to pay a one-time fee and have the unwanted content deleted forever.

We highly recommend TRG if you are looking for your unwanted Internet content to be deleted for good. This is one of the best investments we have made.

Pennsylvania, Healthcare Industry

My practice was victimized by a ruthless competitor via false postings on,, and to name a few. I built a great reputation over many years and felt helpless watching my good name being damaged on the Internet. The false postings also started to show up on the search engines referring potential clients to the review sites. Within a couple weeks I had several clients cancel their appointments because they read the false postings on and After attempting to remove the postings myself with no luck, I contacted several reputation companies for help and a fast fix for my practice. I chose because they guaranteed removal of the postings for good; they would not just move them down the search engines. I also liked that they offer a money back guarantee. To my delight, TRG removed all postings in 30 days and deleted all search engine links. My practice improved and once again we are booked. There is no way to express my gratitude!

If your business is ever in jeopardy due to false Internet-based claims, do not hesitate to hire TRG. The results speak for themselves.

Los Angeles, Cosmetic Surgeon Industry

My business was almost ruined. I recently had a problem with a disgruntled business partner who started an online smear campaign about my firm on any complaint board he could find. As present and future clients read these false claims and complaints, my business started to slow down tremendously and I had to lay off some of my employees. Once I discovered TRG they removed all the negative items in less than 90 days and have actually kept it from happening again.

TRG helped bring my business back to where it was and beyond. I was able to bring back most of my employees and hired new ones. Thank you for everything.

Chicago, Management Consulting Industry

I was a very successful and prominent businessperson before I was arrested. Even years later, business transactions would fall through after clients Googled my name and found my arrest record or articles regarding the arrest. gave me a second chance with my online reputation and now my company’s good first impression remains just that throughout the entire course of each business transaction. Because of TRG I can now let my body of work over the past two decades speak for my successes and not have one irresponsible incident ruin my life. I am very thankful to TRG for helping me regain control over my online reputation.

Canada, Real Estate & Business Professional

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